Disadvantages Of Living On Campus Essay

814 Words Jan 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Every kid that comes to college thinks about living on campus in the dorms. Don’t get me wrong living on campus is nice. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. There are more disadvantages to living on campus then advantages. The school could easily fix the problem so there are not so many disadvantages to being on campus.
One big problem with living on campus is that there is never any parking and if there is parking it about 500 yards away from your dorm. When the weather is no pleasant as if it is cold and snowing or a thunder storm is coming through nobody wants to walk that. So what they need to do is make more parking and enforced the sticker thing where if you don’t have the right sticker for the area you are parked then give them a ticket.
Another problem is the dorms are junk. They are terribly designed. They don’t have washer and driers in there. Like instead of putting two sinks in the dorm use that money to put a dish washer in there because no kid ever likes doing dishes. They give us cable for free but they couldn’t put a hook up in each room so you have to run 20 feet worth of cable from the living room and split it three ways so it’s in each room. And you have to tape it to the floor and it just looks dirt. Another is with these dorms being so small let’s throw six kids in a 3 bed apartment thing so there two to each room. That makes no room for them to walk around in their own room let alone have a desk or a dresser ion there room. So the best way to…

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