Disadvantages Of Intercultural Communication

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The broad nature of this essay topic demands for the parameters of discussion to be defined; the scope of this essay will be to discuss some conceptual ideas of how the study of Intercultural Communication (IC) can be beneficial as well as ‘dangerous’, if not approached critically; while suggesting some approaches through which one can practice effective IC. Specifically, when discussing the dangers, the focus will be on concepts like ethnocentrism, cultural appropriation, fetishism and how they can cause harm. This will be juxtaposed with discussion of the benefits, which will centre around the importance of Intercultural Communication in the face of rapid globalisation and how the study and practice of it, can advance communication,
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For example, the US ‘Standard and Poors’ companies in the top 500 for diversity management, delivered an average return on investment of 5.7% over four years. But the companies in the top 100, measured based on equal pay, retention, company morale and career opportunities for minorities, delivered a return on investment of 10.7% (Watson 2002). This has led to an increasing number of companies realising the benefits and competing to promote programs to diversify and facilitate better intercultural communication to achieve higher ratings in regards to their diversity …show more content…
(Yunxia Zhu, 2008) For this reason it is important and beneficial in our globalised world to study intercultural communication, but like a ‘little’ knowledge can be dangerous, if not critically approached, studying Intercultural Communication can be ‘dangerous’. Both culture and communication are complex entities and this complexity should be represented in the way in which it is engaged with and studied. (Marlina, 2013) Despite its complexity, the exposure to varied perspectives and theoretical frameworks that explain and advance our understanding of ourselves and others through communication are invaluable to one’s understanding and ability to navigate the world in a more harmonious way. In the words of French author Marcel Proust, in

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