Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars: Hybrid Vs. Hybrid Vehicles

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Have you ever thought of switching from a conventional vehicle to hybrid vehicle because of expenses? In fact, hybrids can be more pricey to repair and come with hazards that can go as far as taking one’s life due to electrocution which gives hybrids many disadvantages. Although Hybrid vehicles saves money, the cost of maintaining a hybrid is similar to the expense of conventional vehicles.
Back then people were complaining their car wasted so much gas and money. Henry Ford’s creation of the Model T in 1908 transformed the transportation and auto industry in America. It was a low priced, durable, and easy to handle automobile. It changed the lives of many everyday Americans. A gasoline powered, internal combustion engine created by Karl Benz
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Some of the advantages are that hybrids can offer about the same amount of power as a conventional car. Secondly, hybrid vehicles can come All Wheel Drive (AWD) like some conventional vehicles come making them able to go on rough terrain. Another is that hybrids can offer an electrical engine which provides the car with 60-80 hp. Stability and handling are some of the most important aspects in performance as to why hybrids have such good of them. Including the comfort of the vehicle can be the same as a conventional vehicle. Another is it provides high tech systems the same as a conventional …show more content…
"The traffic is light, and the cars consume an identical amount of battery power while traveling the same number of miles. Being purely electric, they emit zero tailpipe pollutants during their trips”. It tells you why you should buy or use theses kind of cars on the road daily. It 's also light for some parts of the car. The author says that by getting a hybrid car, it would come out cheaper than what you thought. A battery provides an electric assist to the gas-powered engine, it 's also 20–35 percent better gas mileage than conventional cars because they waste less. This relates to my topic on the research because it 's trying to find a way that you would waste less, and for how long you drive and it 's saying thats its better to car pool. The article is proving the pre conceived myths surrounding hybrids wrong with facts. For example, a common myth said about hybrids is that "Hybrids have no power." The article proved this wrong by explaining that "new technology allows many of the same attributes of high-powered vehicles to be applied in hybrids." And that "Just because hybrids are known for their fuel efficiency does not mean they are underpowered." The article relates to my research because it separated fact and fiction and helped the skeptical people realize how efficient hybrids are, thus, helping persuade buyers into buying a hybrid rather than a conventional

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