Disadvantages Of Focus Groups Essay

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• It allows for more direct interaction between the researcher and the individual members of the focus group. The researcher would be able to ask questions as and when required.
• Sometimes, even when analyzed, data doesn’t give a researcher a complete picture of the actual reality. A face to face interaction would allow for a greater understanding of the concept, which would perhaps not be possible via analysis of data.
• Since there is a more direct interaction, the researcher is able to grasp the data more easily and thus understand things in a far easier manner.
• Apart from verbal interaction, body language is also an important source of information for the researcher. Sometimes, what cannot be expressed in words can be gauged merely by observing body
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Focus groups come as a good alternative to interviews since more people can be interviewed in a lesser span of time.
• Focus groups run the risk of having an adverse environment, which would reduce the relevance of the program as a whole. For example, an under-prepared researcher might not be able to gain the maximum possible insight into the discussions.
• One problem is the dependence on the observer. How good the observer is directly influences how well the research is conducted or even possibly how well the focus group interacts.
• One common problem with focus groups is the environment setting. If the focus groups were held in a laboratory-like setting with a professor for a moderator and an obtrusive recording instrument, the individuals may not feel comfortable and might hold back and thus give customized answers, which defeat the very purpose of the focus group itself.
• If a topic of discussion in a focus group is sensitive, the participants might not be open due to them being visible to others. Sometimes, individuals feel freer to open up when anonymous.


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