Disadvantages Of Communism

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1.0 Introduction
Communism was one of the various ideological trends in the 20th century. Communism is a social, political, and economic doctrine that the goal to build communist society, which is aiming to replace private property to all the production are owned in common. With the developed by capitalism and the development of the industrial revolution, the proletariat is growing. The proletariat is on the stage of political history, under the guidance of Marx, the socialist movement is growing with every passing day. China is one of the five communist countries today. Under the guided of the Chinese people 's Communist Party, defeated the foreign invaders, overthrown of the Kuomintang government, and China become to a global superpower.
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However, there were more and more disadvantages exposed. Capitalist society’s contradictions caused the economic crisis. The Economic crisis has brought great disaster to the people especially the workers. The works began works’ movements to improve their life. In the thirty or forty 's in nineteenth century, there were three large-scale workers movement in Europe. The workers’ movements in Europe laid the foundation for Marx. In February 1848, “The Communist Manifesto” was published; this was the first time completely to explain the Marxism. The Paris Commune Revolution was a great attempted to overthrow the ruled by the capitalist class and to set up the proletariat. The victory of the October revolution in Russia was turning the dream that to build socialism country with a decidedly Marxist viewpoint into …show more content…
China had overthrown the ruled by the imperialism and feudalism, and then transfer to socialist. The Communist Party of China and Chinese Nationalist Party worked together to anti Japanese’s aggress. The Communist Party of China focuses on mobilized the people, conducted guerrilla warfare, and established Revolutionary Base Areas and the regime. During the war, the Communist Party of China rapidly developed. On the eve of the victory of the war, the member of the Communist Party of China from 30,000 people increased to 1,200,000 people. That makes the Communist Party of China become a real proletarian political party base on Marxism, also with broad massed basis. The Communist Party of China becomes a leader power for Chinese

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