Disadvantages Of CARICOM

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The CSME provides the legal framework for free movement of people. Free movement of labour is one of the features of the CSME and one of its many advantages. This then means that the ability to recruit skilled workers will increase for members across the region. Chapter 3 of the Revised Treaty provides for skilled personnel and their families as well as business enterprises to take advantage of job opportunities within the CSME. The term “skilled workers” include: o University Graduates o Artistes, Sports Persons, Musicians & Media Workers o Non-Wage Earners/Service Providers to establish Business - includes managerial, supervisory & technical staff
This legal framework will remove the requirement of CARICOM nationals to obtain work permits in order to work in another Caribbean country. However, individuals will be required to possess a CARICOM Skills Certificate.
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This is one of the greatest advantages of the CSME as it encourages intra-regional trade and allows CARICOM states to negotiate as a single entity. The unification of the Caribbean as a region provides a platform from which the Region can speak with a common voice in the crucial trade negotiations in which the countries of the Region are involved i.e. the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and the European Union. The need for unity in these various negotiating theatres is absolutely crucial if the concerns of the Region are to be addressed by the wider international community. Perhaps, with this one voice, the region may soon be a force to reckon with in the next round of World Trade …show more content…
This then raises concerns about whether their local economy can survive the transition. It appears, from all indications, that the CSME is about survival. For businesses that do not have the resources or capacity to compete we will see them withering away. This concern not only affects businesses but also the workforce particularly the unskilled. The Governments and people of the region are concerned about the potential for an increase in local unemployment as a result of more persons competing for the few available jobs. The onus then is on each member state to develop their capacity and prepare to deal with economic calamity. Failing this there will be a major fall out in the local business

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