Benefits Of Animal Testing Essay

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Many companies today use animals as testing subjects especially in the beauty industry. Yet, nothing is stopping these companies from hurting and/or killing defenseless animals just for the sake of research. Not only does it cause torture and pain to these animals, but it also affects them mentally. Using animals as testing subjects is just like a cord of rope; yes, if tied around the hands loosely enough, the rope will not damage much, but the tighter the rope becomes, the more pain and suffering the individual receives. Many individuals believe using humans as testing subjects is dreadful and appalling. However, when it comes to animals, it can completely fly past their heads. It is absolutely horrendous to use animals as experiments just …show more content…
Some claim it is better to use animals as testing subjects rather than humans. However, that is one of the main areas that they are misguided in. While yes, it is good if humans can stop others from being used as test subjects, using animals as testing subjects does not help humans. Instead, there is another possibility that helps both humans and animals, and none of them have to receive pain. Despite that, since using other methods of testing can be a little more complex, many companies do not want to execute it, sticking to the old fashioned way. And while this is one major problem companies do not want to admit to, some people may also claim testing on animals is alright because the Animal Welfare Act stops mistreatment towards animals. Again, this is false. The AWA only protects about five percent of the animals tested on since most animals tested on are rats, mice, fish, and other small animals. The AWA does not protect the animals listed before, which is atrocious and unlawful. And lastly, some may argue even animals benefit from the use of animal testing. Since the vaccines have been tested on before from other animals, it has stopped rabies, distemper, tetanus, and more from affecting animals. However, the amount of animals killed/tortured has a much greater number than the amount saved. So, the statement that is claimed before could not possibly be true if more animals are being killed than saved.
To finish, animal testing is cruel and unreasonable. There are many other ways to stop the cruelty from spreading, yet not many people are willing to take the chance to stop it. Not much protection is put towards these animals. Stopping America from making animals distressful, locked up, and treated unfairly could make the country a much better place for humans and

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