Essay on Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

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Disadvantages of online shopping.
Online shopping has become a major advancement for consumers in society today. It allows for many different places to be able to shop from as well as giving the shoppers a variety of items at the touch of a button. However for all the advantages of online shopping there are also the disadvantages. Although online shopping may seem more affordable and less stressful, it is not because of shipping fees, inconvenience, and fraud.
Shipping Rates
Stores will offer free shipping, however there has to be a minimum amount purchased. If a consumer chooses not to make the minimal purchase to receive the free shipping, the customer could be paying the difference with their shipping and handling rates. These shipping charges vary on the amount spent on the purchase as well as state to state charges that can be applied. Fine print should be read thoroughly because there may be hidden charges in there as well. Returning items can be costly as well. The customer will have to pay additional shipping and packaging fees to return the product. So if the item is damaged during the shipping process the customer will have to pay out of pocket fees and convince the retailer they were not at fault. Returns made online are often charged a restocking fee with the shipping cost. The lack of interaction with an associate is a less effective shopping experience especially when returning items that were defective or damaged. If the consumer chooses to spend the…

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