Disadvantaged And The School And Education System Essay

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Disadvantaged by disability and/or the school and education system.
In Australia, there are many different disabilities and some of these disabilities start before and even during school. These disabilities may or may not be permanent, however, all disabilities impact the individual and their environment. Schooling is one area of life which can be affected by a disability. A broken leg or arm can be accommodated with much more ease as it will most likely be fixed and is just a temporary problem in the school and less likely cause trouble when the student transitions into adulthood. Autism, sight impairments, hearing impairments, anxiety, depression and other intellectual, physical and emotional disorders tend to be long term or permanent and cause long term and permanent issues. These issues include transitioning into education, the workforce and adulthood. The individual school and the overall education system should be equipped to help students disadvantaged by their disability, however some schools and the education system are to some extent, inadequate.
According to the ABS (2012), only 62% of 20-24 year old adults with a disability completed year 12. This is a low percentage in comparison to the 78% of their peers without a disability. The remaining 38% of adults who are undereducated may be the reason only 52% are employed. The lack of employment may also be linked to the "48% of people receiving the Disability Support Pension are living in poverty". It is evident…

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