Disability Discrimination : Disability And Disability Essay

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Disability Discrimination Disability right commission is one of the most questionable things when it comes to jobs and sports. Handicap people should be treated the same as other people because they are normal people the only thing is that they can’t hear or they have to be in a wheelchair all the time. A lot of people think that people with a disability aren’t going to find a job, but in reality how many people have you seen working in stores that have a disability. People with a disability are just like everybody else and society should change the way they treat them because sooner or later everyone will get there.
Not to long ago my Mom and I were shopping at a store in Texas, we were all ready to checkout and pay as we saw a young man he was well dressed he was in the customer service section and he was asking for a job application. He stood there waiting for the young lady to come back to give the application, the application was denied. The young man started asking why was the application denied, I heard the young lady say “Oh we are sorry we are not hiring people right this moment”. The young man asked to see the manager, we saw that he walked a little crippled, and the next customer asked for a work application and the young lady didn’t hesitate to get him the application. My Mom got furious I could’ve swear that her hair was sticking up. My mom quickly headed to the lady in the customer service and started telling her that just because he had a…

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