Disability As An Inspirational Tale With Curative Themes Essay

1003 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
Kafer discusses the depoliticization of disability as she analyses the billboards used by the Foundation for a Better Life’s (FBL) “Pass it On” series. This depoliticization occurs as the FBL shifts responsibility for “overcoming” a disability onto an individual rather than the society around them and frames a “focus on personal responsibility [that] precludes any discussion of social, political or collective responsibility” (Kafer 89). Through this focus the FBL portrays that sticking with “community” values will provide all that one needs to overcome a disability, however they fail to recognize that the community they are basing their values on is geared towards discrimination and ableist mindsets. These billboards are not alone in their problematic portrayal of disability, as mainstream media often seeks to use disability as an inspirational tale with curative themes. In order to situate mainstream representations of disability in a more social and political manner there needs to be a change in the way disability is portrayed, understanding of differences that come with disability, and furthering societal acceptance. The current portrayals of disability on the media are predominately used for the benefit of able-bodied people as a source of inspiration often at a detriment to people with disabilities. As Kafer describes, one of the comments on the FBL website in relation to the billboard featuring Christopher Reeves a person comments on how when they’re having a bad…

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