Disability And Low Levels Of Education Essay

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Although I did not know what it was specifically, I was well aware of my epilepsy for more than a decade before I sought help. The major reason was to avoid obtaining a label, as I believed it would have affected my schooling and future life. Similarly, many students with disabilities also hide their condition from others, similarly to avoid disclosing their label (Erevelles & Minear 2010, p. 136; Peters 2010, p. 595). In accordance to my belief, research has shown that teachers do not see the inclusion of disabled children into normal schooling as appropriate, and have been reported resisting this process (Allan 2010, p. 610). Notably, the degree to which a disabled person is seen as a non-effective worker is the degree to which they are denied appropriate education, at both primary and secondary schooling (Joly & Venturiello 2012, p. 337). As both disability and low levels of education constrain employment chances, the combined effect of being a disabled person with low levels of education exacerbates the extent of the barriers of gaining employment (Holland et al. 2011, pp. 427-429).

A common barrier that disabled people share is that of employment, and correspondingly, most who are of working age remain unemployed (Joly & Venturiello 2012, p. 334). When people with disabilities do seek and obtain employment, they often face prejudices, discrimination, and segregation (Joly & Venturiello 2012, p. 335). For young people with disabilities, after leaving school, they face a…

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