Essay on Disability And Its Effects On Society

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Disability is a physical or mental disadvantage that limits a person’s senses and actions in everyday life. It requires the failure of functioning that impairs opportunity for human flourishing. Some disabilities do not reduce the incapacity of the person being able to flourish. There has been a widespread of an ugly attitude towards people who have the disability trait. People without disabilities are seen as somebody without imperfections, but someone engineered, as a human being should be. Disabilities involve limitation such as social, physical, and mental disorders for a human to develop. There is a tendency to judge a person based on their disabilities, then on their personality, which make people stay away from the public. Some parents find it acceptable to use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to select out embryos with disabilities or the expressivist argument to provide moral reasons for their decision. The expressivist objections involved the debate over the use of antennal screening programs with pre-implantation diagnosis to detect disabilities (Glover p.4). This objection has increased people’s views toward the value and quality of disabled people. A parent who wants a family without disabilities will choose genetic and reproductive techniques to have a healthy child. However, people who have the disability would like to use pre-implantation to have children with disabilities. A deaf lesbian couple used sperm that the hereditary trait of deafness to inquire a…

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