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E-commerce and Mobile Self-service programs

A mobile self-service can be described as a program or application created by a product or service provider to assist in ease to the consumer for access of the services rendered (Shank and Lyberger, 2014). It constitutes web pages and applications designed to fit and function in mobile phones with efficiency. This is made possible by the creation of interfaces that operate in congruence with the market available channels such as web browsers, mobile phone application systems and programmed internet provision channels. Sports R Us is a professional athletic training and coaching, and providing camping activities to the Chicago suburban community. This essay is aimed
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Therefore, Sport R Us can easily and effectively monitor the training patterns and progress in development of their clients. iv. The technology ensures personalized access of company and consumer data necessary for the company’s development in form of real-time results. With the ease of getting the data through customer and system feedback mechanisms, the organization’s departments can easily get information about the use and view of the company’s services through customer service ratings. Sports R Us will benefit from a mobile response system as it will assist in understanding how consumers perceive their services. v. Location based services are integrated in a mobile self-service to enhance customer experienced according to their demographic location. Due to the high number of customers involved, programs enable detection of customer location has been incorporated. It helps in availing the services to clients in regards to their locations hence improving service provision. Sports R Us should use these services to understand the frequency of access of the self-services according to their organizations hence understanding which areas to intensify their services and which to improve or quit. vi. Using of mobile self-service technology is aimed at strengthening the organizational function of creating leverage on existing mobile service and business investments (Andam, 2014). By use of this technology, the

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