Dirt Bikes Memo Essay

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TO: Carl Schmidt, CEO & Steve McFadden, President and Chief Operating Officer
FROM: Raizy Fridman, Management Consultant
DATE: November 15, 2015
SUBJECT: Dirt Bikes Knowledge Management

Dirt Bikes was founded in 1991 and since then have grown tremendously. They employ over 120 workers, and continue to expand their product line and services offered. They rely on their network of distributors to sell to their retail customers across the globe. Their products are produced with parts from various sellers, and they continually improve upon their services. With all their success, they can definitely use the help of an information system and information technology to improve their organization. Market research has shown that
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Without an information system, there isn’t a direct line of communication between all employees, which is necessary for a smooth process from beginning to end. Any breaks in the line of communication will result in breaks in the line of production and distribution. So the first issue is communication between employees.
Another issue facing the company is the fact that their design is unique, and the company wants to develop bikes that, “that performed and looked better than the competition by using the best custom parts available.” The company’s knowledge assets are clear here; they produce unique dirt bikes that not only perform better than others, but are more presentable and have better aesthetic qualities than others. Because the company wants their bikes to outdo those of their competition, the information being passed around is sensitive and has to be protected. The information needs to be kept within the minds of the company, and cannot be released to others until the actual dirt bike that has been designed with this knowledge has been released to the public to consume. If these ideas were to get out, other companies might steal the design or frame and produce the superior bikes as their own. This would be a tremendous loss for Dirt Bikes, and should be avoided at all costs, hence the need for extra security measurements.
One option the company has is to hire a third party to ensure that all of

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