Dirt Bikes Case Study

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What activities at Dirt Bikes create the most value?
Dirt Bikes USA’s inbound logistics which include acquiring top of the line parts to create their off-roading bikes from within the US and around the globe, create the most value. A prime example of this is their Rotax engines which are from Austria, while their shock absorbers and headlights are from the US. Dirt Bikes USA custom builds all the frames of their bikes, which have become a trademark for the company. After assembling each bike, the company makes it their duty to test each and every one prior to going on the market. Furthermore, the company is confident in the caliber of their dirt bikes, so, they offer mechanical maintenance. For example, a customer can obtain warranty repairs
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In addition to the company’s inbound logistics, outbound logistics generate value as well. 85% of Dirt Bikes USA’s revenue comes from the off-roading dirt bikes themselves, which are sold internationally but mostly domestically. The off-road bikes include the ‘top-selling’ Enduro 550 at $7600, the Enduro 250 retailing for $3250, the Moto 300 on the market for $4295 and the ‘low-selling’ Moto 450 at $8995. Dirt Bikes USA markets its off-road bikes by advertising, acquiring publicity by showing its commitment to the sport of racing, it gets coverage in magazines for dirt bike lovers, and has an easy to use attractive …show more content…
Dirt Bikes USA provides value to its customers by manufacturing bikes of a superior standard (using the best quality parts), their off-roading race performance, efficient and user-friendly forums, and providing mechanical maintenance when needed. The company has taken many routes in order to build a rapport with and secure a relationship with their customers. For example, the majority of their workforce are dirt bike enthusiasts, who have the same passion for dirt bikes as their customers. Several of their employees are racers, who are endorsed by their company in off-roading dirt bike competitions. And so, with the aim of improved customer satisfaction, they have established a “Dirt Bikes USA Owners’ Group,” to facilitate the sharing of experiences among clienteles.
Furthermore, Dirt Bikes USA’s products are spread across motorcycle magazines and a number of advertisements. So, dirt bike fanatics are able to stay current with the most cutting-edge and newest merchandise available at the company. Moreover, Dirt Bikes USA delivers value to its customers by manufacturing four modern dirt bike models including the Enduro 550, Enduro 250, Moto 300, and the Moto 450, all suitable for different types of terrains and are all equipped with 5 electric kickstarters, liquid cooling engines, and steering

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