Directing A Play Entertaining And Enjoyable For The Audience Essay

1159 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Before this course began, I used to think that acting was all about the individual actor, and how well that actor can portray his/her character. I thought that actors in a play work as distinctive units, and that if every unit can perform his/her character realistically and execute every line flawlessly, the final performance would be fantastic, and the audience would have a great time. Acting 1 has taught me that the art of acting is actually much more intricate and eclectic than individuals putting on their own show, that a satisfactory performance required far more work than delivering every line correctly. At first, I completely overlooked fundamental elements of acting such as communication, reaction, emotion, and balance. I now understand that these intricacies are ultimately what makes a scene come alive, and what creates the conflict that makes a play entertaining and enjoyable for the audience. An actor’s ability is difficult to evaluate due to the subjective nature of performance art. There are no hard conclusions or perfect portrayals when discussing plays, mainly because every rendition has unique features that make it stand apart from the others. Oftentimes, a performance of a play cannot be said to be better than other performances, because there simply is not an algorithm that can objectively rank all productions of a particular play. The subjective nature of performance art is what makes it so interesting and different from other academic studies. There…

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