Direct Study 5 Essay

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Chapter 1
4. Discuss examples of recent macro political risk events and the effect they have or might have on a foreign subsidiary. What are micro political risk events? Give some examples and explain how they affect international business.
5. What means can managers use to assess political risk? What do you think is there lative effectiveness of these different methods? At the time you are reading this,what countries or areas do you feel have political risk sufficient to discourage you from doing business there?
6. Can political risk be “managed”? If so, what methods can be used to manage such risk, and how effective are they? Discuss the lengths to which you would go to manage political risk relative to the kinds of returns you would
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Discuss the levels of environmental monitoring that should be conducted. How well do you thinkmanagers conduct environmental assessment?
5. How can managers assess the potential relative competitive position of their firmin order to decide on new strategic directions?
6. Discuss the relative advantages of globalization versus regionalization/localization.
7. What are the relative merits of the entry strategies discussed in this chapter? What is their role in an integrative global strategy?

Chapter 7
1. Discuss the reasons that companies embark on cross- border strategic alliances.What other motivations may prompt such alliances?
2. Why are there an increasing number of mergers with companies in different industries? Give some examples. What industry do you think will be the next for global consolidation?
3. Discuss the problems inherent in developing a cooperative alliance to enhance competitive advantage, but also incurring the risk of developing a new competitor.
8. Explain how the host government may affect strategic implementation— in analliance or another form of entry strategy.
9. How might the variable of national culture affect strategic implementation? Usethe Mittal Steel example to highlight some of these factors.

Chapter 8
1. What variables have to be considered in designing the organizational structurefor international operations? How do these variables interact, and which do youthink are most

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