Direct Entrants In Transition Essay

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‘Direct entrants in transition: becoming independent learners’ published in 2013 by Hazel Christie, Paul Barron and Norma D’Annunzio-Green in the journal for Studies in Higher Education. Its goal was to evaluate independent learning journey’s and struggles that direct entrant students experienced becoming independent learners entering a second or third year of their degree compared to first-year students. Hearing from students themselves will expose how they successfully made the transition to their respective degrees and their experiences struggling to become an independent learner, time management in a new environment.

The challenge for direct entrant students is adjusting to the different learning environment at university level, where
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Data allows three different groups according to the student’s success. The first group responded well with effective independent learning and had a fairly smooth transition. The first year they developed good study skills, time management and understood what skills were required to be a successful learner. Most students understood the learning environments would be different; at college, there was a lot of guidance whereas at university it was up to the individual. This realisation and feedback they received encouraged them to work faster with better time management, to higher standards, than they were previously used to. Despite worries, this group of students did attain good marks and approached the assessments with the knowledge needed to learn new ways to succeed in their course. Preparing ahead for classes enabled them to plan their studies and assisted in having a head start giving students the confidence to finish their …show more content…
Students felt the loss of the secure environment provided for them at college. They also found it hard to manage their time successfully; putting off tasks and only doing enough to get by. Students thought the independent study was lonely with fewer contact hours and most of the study done by themselves. After their first year, it was obvious that they needed to prioritise time management and independent study if they wanted to be

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