Direct Characterization In Frankenstein

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In this First Page of a Novel, I tried to use both direct and indirect characterization to kind of introduce the readers to the situation and kind of an idea of the main characters. I also tried to subtly let them in on the behavior, the mind set and language of the second narrator. I tried to show that the narrator was kind of humorous possibly a teenager with the statement “I apologize profusely for whatever boring narrative he has tortured you with” which kind of shows how moody all teenagers are and how they kind of see their parents, in this case, her father, as boring. I also attempted to show them that the narrator wasn’t the only character of importance but that she probably stumbled into the lives of the other characters. I attempted …show more content…
Having little beady eyes as black as ink and little fangs, with little stripes oh how colorful, attractive to the eyes and tempting to touch but alas no animal can be allowed to be so endearing for it had not one but two little brains yes it had two heads. So terrible the fate of this critter is that each head had a mind of its own both so different but their difference is not the matter at hand but rather their destination. Because the creature of no name walking on it’s 4 little paws had a mission not as sinister as it sounds but still rather quite important as the fate of its species rests on her yes her little shoulders unluckily she was of a small species that was thought to be extinct but really they were in hiding because as it is there… “Sorry for the interruption it seems Deborah is back,” the narrator says with a slight stutter “yes I am” replies the one called Deborah “ouch I’m sorry I wouldn’t narrate anymore”… “Shut the door behind you” “I apologize profusely for whatever boring narrative he has tortured you with but I’m the actual narrator anyways, I’d start from the top in my version but I’m lazy so let’s just continue”. Okay, so these animals were in hiding because there is a cycle of life. First, have ever wondered why whenever a new species is discovered another just suddenly …show more content…
I also tried to portray some emotion in my description and tried to make it sound more poetic like I was setting a scene for a story or for an event.

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