Diplomacy, Wilson and Roosevelt Essay

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Historians used ‘progressive diplomacy’ as an expression to explain the presidential regards of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Both Roosevelt and Wilson, during their presidency, dealt with extreme reforms in foreign policy to change the old world order. Progressive Diplomacy, describes the trading expansion in the United States, during 1901 through 1920, which both Roosevelt and Wilson funded by accelerating the military forces in the United States. In their precedencies, Roosevelt and Wilson used the ideology of progressivism to shape their approach in changing the United States’ foreign policies through expanding the military and giving a new world order by using the value of moralism. Theodore Roosevelt used his ‘Big …show more content…
By 1906, the Hepburn Railroad Regulation Act was issued which gave the Interstate Commerce Commission power to control the railroad rates. Woodrow Wilson followed for precedency after Taft, and gave the United States’ foreign policies foundational principles that were engaged with moralist faith and a realist’s understanding of the power of international commerce. In order to improve and expand America economically, Wilson believed democratic concepts and Christianity was a civilizing force in the world. Wilson being a corporate political figure emphasized foreign investments and industrial exports, to guide America to prosperity. The United States having a superior industrial efficiency, made Wilson believe that supremacy in world commerce could be accomplished by removing artificial blockades to free trade. Extending the Open Door principles, Wilson advocated for advanced military measures. By 1910, American companies owned over one hundred and thirty acres of Mexico’s land and American companies also had already exploited Mexican natural mining resources of gold, silver, and copper. As a revolutionary movement, Wilson expressed remorse for the Mexican-American War.
Before Wilson was in office, lieutenant Victoriano Huerta murdered Francisco Madero and Great Britain and Japan recognized Huerta as a regime. Wilson’s strong beliefs in morality, as president, announced that the United

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