Diploma Of Business Management ( Level 7 ) Bus 763 Essay

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Diploma of Business Management (Level 7) BUS 763: Managing in Organisations Term 1, 2016 ASSIGNMENT 1

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-The Coll Electrical is a sole trader type of organisation a most common form of business ownership where it focused in electrical engineering contracting offers a high quality service rather than offering a cheaper option and from maintaining this the organisation successfully get long term relationships to their clients. A company that has a strong feature in a highly level skilled and workforce motivated to give the best service to clients.

2. There are three importance in managerial roles:
1. Figurehead- the figurehead represents the one who is responsible for the growth of the organisation from making the mission and vision of the company dictates how to be more productive and creative. By having a figurehead who is an authorised person to the organisation the flow of the company will be smoother when having decision makings for the company. A person who is entitled to make decisions handling ceremonial and symbolic activities to implement for the company.

2. Leader- the importance of the leader is someone who is responsible from motivating, mentoring, training of employees giving direct goals and evaluating the performance from observing them in the workplace. An assigned person of the company dealing with…

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