Diploma in Children’s and Young People’s Workforce Cypop 5 Understand How to Set Up a Work Based Child Care Servic

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CYPOP 5.1. The current Legislation for home based childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies
By law all providers of home based childcare in England that care for children under the age of eight, must be registered with the regulatory body Ofsted. Ofsted keeps two childcare registers; the Early Years register (for children from birth to Preschool age five) and the Childcare register (for school ages five to eight years).
To register a number of legal criteria must be in place;
Valid Paediatric First aid certificate
It is a legal requirement for registration that the child carer holds a current first aid certificate from an approved provider recognised by the Local Authority and focusing on paediatric care.
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CYPOP 5.1. Policies and Procedures required to operate a registered home based childcare service
Accidents, illnesses and emergency Policy
* The safety of the children in my care is of major importance and I will act in a responsible and safe way at all times. * My premises have been equipped with fire guards, stair gates, and cupboard locks. * A risk assessment of all the rooms in my premises have been carried out and are reviewed regularly. * Risk assessment checklists are performed on a daily basis to remove hazards and ensures safety features are in place and functional. * I hold a valid paediatric first aid certificate. * I keep a

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