`` Dingo Makes Us Hum Life And Land On An Australian Aboriginal Culture By Deborah Bird Rose

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In “Dingo Makes Us Human: Life and land in an Australian aboriginal culture by Deborah Bird Rose was about the enslavement and the survival of the aboriginal tribes in the Victoria River Valley during and following European colonization. The author structures the ethnography to relies the personal experience of the aboriginal to inform the reader about the social injustice, ecological knowledge, colonizing, religion belief, and sacred geography. The ethnography has an introduction that tell the reader the history of what happening to the aboriginal during the European colonization. It has a methodology to describe her research and what she was investigating such as on page 41 “My primary purpose is to bring clarity to set of issues which I understand to be those which most concern Yarralin people, particularly older people. There is no hierarchy to these points but they include the following: understanding that behind the poverty of cattle station aborigines there is a sense of responsibility that keeps people in their own country, attempting against all odds, to take care of it. Understanding that Yarralin people have not died out, lost their culture, or forsaken their beliefs. Understand that in spite of current attempts to structure aboriginal society and culture according to European designs, Yarralin people want to be independent self- defining people; Understanding that life is a gift and that respect for lives manifestations is the only form of reciprocity worthy of…

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