Dillard 's A Competitive Advantage Essay

1260 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
A few years ago I began working at Dillard’s, a retail store in Lincoln. As part of the position we were required to learn the computer system in which all things including the different departments, incoming merchandise as well as an accumulating total of all individual sales ran through. This technology was being introduced at the same time that I was starting. It also happened to be one of Dillard’s most prize possessions because of the competitive advantage it gave them compared to other retail stores at the time. During orientation we were shown how and when to use the different avenues that this system presented. This new system allowed Dillard’s employee’s to look up stock availability not only within the store but also in stores nationwide, price check, ordering details among other things. It not only kept track of merchandise but kept a running total of a sales associates daily sales and returns, as well as the financial responsibilities such as calculating customers totals and rewards. Needless to say, a few days into orientation and my head was spinning with the new technology that would be at the tip of my fingers in just a few short days. A week later and I was thrown into the fiery and confronting customers with our newest and best merchandise. When an individual was ready to check out I would then lead them to the cash register where I would then use the new technology to check them out. The process began and went smoothly until the customer decided…

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