Essay about Dillanos Marketing Plan

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Dillanos Coffee Roasters Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary

Dillanos Coffee Roasters roasts approximately 3.2 million pounds of coffee per year to deliver it to more than 1,500 clients throughout North America. They are a privately held company that was built on passion by artistically bringing out coffee's inherent character with just a small nudge of time and temperature.

As a wholesale roaster their customers range from independent coffee retailers to kiosks. The business has continued to expand, from a tiny three-person company to a nationally recognized roaster with more than 1,500 customers across the country. They were also named the 2011 Macro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine.

Today, Dillanos employs more than
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They pride themselves on creating roasts with high-quality green coffee, with perfect nuanced roast profiles, for an overall smooth-tasting blended local coffee brand, which is geared towards independent coffee retailers.

Economic Forces: Coffee is the second largest traded commodity. Specialty coffee is typically not purchased on commodities exchanges therefore coffee roasters such as Dillanos pay a higher price for their coffee beans. Although coffee prices crept up by more than 30 percent last year, specialty coffee continues to be a significant portion (37%) of total coffee consumed. This indicates that consumers want to maintain coffee quality despite current economic uncertainty.

Political/Legal Forces: Local political influences can affect the purchasing by ways of government sanctioned wage increases. There is also the possibility of the United States government passing legislation, labor laws, or other regulatory restrictions which dictate trade of coffee beans and/or restrict trade with specific countries.

Global: The result of environmental conditions required for the farming of coffee beans, to be grown in other countries, which puts Dillanos and other companies at the mercy of their suppliers.

Sociocultural forces: Negative press concerning business practices, both local and foreign could affect the coffee industries earnings. Dillanos donates to environmental and health issues for the growers

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