Dilemmas in My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult Essay

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PHI 111 Final Paper: Dilemmas in My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

The novel “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult explores the medical, legal, ethical and moral issues related to long term illness and discusses some of the bioethical issues around the experimental technique known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The author presents many ethical dilemmas when a couple chooses to genetically engineer a baby to create a bone marrow match for their terminally ill daughter. That creation is Anna Fitzgerald, who is beginning to wonder about her place in the world and questions her on going donations in order to save her sister’s, Kate’s life. Anna feels that her existence is defined by her ability to save her sister. That type of
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Could Anna die from complications of this surgery?’ It is highly unlikely, Mr. Alexander. How will having a single kidney affect her for the rest of her life? Increased chance of hypertension. Possible complications during pregnancy. Dr Chance glances up. Donors are advised to refrain from contact sports to eliminate the risk of harming their remaining kidney. I clasp my hands behind my back. Did you know that Anna plays hockey in her free time? He turns towards her. ‘No. I didn’t. She’s a goalie. Has been for years now”. (Pg 336) This passage shows us that Anna's life will be affected by the donation of a kidney to Kate. Dr Bergen, a member of the ethics committee reviewing Kate's treatment, gave a testimony suggesting that when the committee considered whether or not Kate should have the transplant, they were split as to whether or not it was in her best interests. He says that Kate's condition may have deteriorated to such a point that the operation may do more harm than good. "Anna would undergo a serious operation for no reason at all”. (Pg 305) This leads to the question about the ethical acceptability of Anna's previous donations. Anna’s first donation of

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