Essay on Digital Through Analysing The Business Model

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UK, specialised in housing the Weibo and WeChat marketing service for its partners. As the great firewall of China prevents access to the most popular digital communication channels that we use in the rest of the world, Weibo and WeChat become the alternatives of twitter and Facebook. This start-up company was created in 2014 to bridge the information gap between UK higher education institutions and their top clients, Chinese students, accounting for 34% of non-EU first-year enrolments (Natalie, 2016).

Traditionally, Small businesses are constantly struggling about the starting point without heavy financial investment. However, the situation is different now with digital maturity. This Essay aims to examine PINGPONG Digital through analysing the business model, pricing strategies, digital product characteristics and to identify the opportunities for further improving the current business.


PINGPONG digital is a Chinese Digital Media agency. It offers digital solutions to help their clients expand their business and reach to Chinese consumers. The service include: website or mobile app translation, social media campaign setting up and management. The service target the institutions (mainly UK universities) aiming to enter the China market but they don’t know how to launch digital communication channels.

In this Essay, Osterwalder and Pigneur’s (2004) the nine business model blocks will be used to investigate PINGPONG Digital’s…

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