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Gabrielle McQuire
Prof: Mr. Flood English 101
December 1st, 2014 Digital Technology is Positively Here to Stay Since more than half of the people in our nation use some form of digital technology, it is safe to assume that it is here to stay. Digital technology restructured our society and changed the way that we do things. Almost everyone, from the very young to our senior citizens, is learning how to use some form of digital technology. It aims to support us in communicating with others, achieving an education, and succeeding in the workplace. There are countless ways that digital technology is being used both positively and negatively. However, the most commonly shared belief is that the good outweighs the bad. We have to
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Through digital technology many families are able to celebrate special events together such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, job promotions, graduations, prom, first day of school, and holidays. Before these social media sites people would have to call each other on landline phones to share information and news, or mail letters, pictures and cards of different events to family and friends. According to Vanessa Ho, who wrote the article “Facebook Keeps Families in Touch” in AARP, Hal Mozer, age 84, of Bellevue WA, turned to Facebook to keep in touch with his family, including far-flung grandchildren. Through its use, he sees pictures of his daughter's family in New Jersey. He sees quick updates from his teenage grandkids. He's shared his own travel photos from Russia and Alaska, and he's had a lot of fun doing it (Ho, Vanessa). Likewise, we use digital technology to stay connected with old and new friends. Many of us share our memories from old times, chat daily about personal events in our lives, make plans together, and share good and bad news. To emphasize the impact of digital technology in our lives today, I’d like to say that digital technology is here to stay because it plays an essential role in keeping families and friends together.
In the same manner that we have grown accustom to having digital technology help us keep in touch with

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