Digital Skills Not Only Prepare Better Workers Essay

1089 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Digital Skills not only Prepare Better Workers but are also a Component of Citizenship and Social Justice.
Digital skills is ideas, knowledges, and managements used in operating digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Furthermore, it is classified in two ways: (i) technical skills that includes digital systems and tools, software applications, and system security; and (ii) information processing likes: information related to needs, access, integrate, apply, communicate, create, input, and organization. Disability of person can be defined in different ways depending upon different perception, services available, and cultural consideration. It is the result of an impairment that may occur physically, cognitively, mentally, emotionally, or a combination above few. People may suffer with this either from birth or during his lifetime. According to World Health Organization about 10 percent of world population is disable and in future this figure will be increase due to multiple factors like unhealthy food ( Eid) Employment and Social Development Canada reveals that about 13.7 percent of Canadian population are disable ( Statistics Canada). This population is excluded from mainstreams of nation development which is not true. There are almost very few people who are complete disable to do something. The people disable physically may use their mental ability in the national development and so on. Understanding this facts there are many national and…

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