Digital Printing Of 3d Printing Essay

753 Words Jan 31st, 2016 4 Pages
3D printing is a technology that is constantly evolving and finding better was to take what you image and to materialize into the reality and with this new product they have taken another step further. The Mcor ARKe is the world first 3D printer that can print and build multicolored 3D designs. Designed by a new contender who is coming out on the stage of 3D printing called Mcor Technologies. The secret to this printer lies in what the printer uses for its material and the process it goes through to print out each item. Funny enough, the printer uses paper to get the builds printed and it’s no special kind of paper, it’s just ordinary paper someone would use to load a copier, the only difference is it`s on a spool. Once the paper is fed through the machine it prints cross-sections of the build, then the integrated inject applies the color. Afterwards adhesive is applied and the sheets are stacked and heated all in its relatively compact form. The ARKe aslo comes with adaptive build technology which help the machine limit the amount of materials that are use, which keeps it from wasting money and materials without sacrificing the luxury and precision that comes with this machine. The ARKe can also handle multiple simultaneous prints, and can even pause and then resume printing.
The software on the machines is up to date as well and user friendly, which it uses Mcor orange software, which is the same as what you would see with the Makerbot software where you can move, rotate,…

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