Digital Photography Has Revolutionized The World Of Picture Capturing

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Digital photography had revolutionized the world of picture capturing. The whole concept of photography hasn’t changed. However, over the years digital cameras have changed considerably from its appearance to its functions making it easier to have a picture of exceptional quality whatever its purpose. “The selective eye”, instead of just finding a subject to take a photo of the photo composition is about accentuating the scene of the photograph being taken. It is important to be aware that there is more than one way of framing up the camera for a perfect photo shot.
The photographer plays a big part in the picture from choosing the correct setting to the overall picture quality. To be a decent photographer you need to see the world in a broader light to others. Each photographer is unique and everyone has their own style of taking photographs which results in the final photo being distinctive to another. Another important point is to make sure that you understand how the camera works, being confident with the camera controls & accessories e.g. camera lenses, tripods, aperture, ISO settings and depth of field weather taking a picture inside or out.
Photography in Forensic Science
Photography can be so useful to forensic scientists and it is an essential part to undertake when arriving at a crime scene. When attending a crime scene forensic photography is always used to help aid legal investigations. It is essential to photograph as much as possible especially a crime scene…

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