Digital Media And Graphic Design Essay

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I am writing in response to your call for a Part-Time Arts, Design and Media Tutor and would like to be considered as possible candidate for the position in Brighton. I am a photography, digital media and graphic design tutor with 10 years experience teaching and mentoring international students in higher, further and community education in the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Croatia and United States of America. Furthermore, nineteen years commercial experience within the creative industries, media and communications in London has taught me that the process of creative interaction is often collaborative and has allowed me to develop tactful communication skills, and build relationships between colleagues, clients and suppliers.

My training in photography and graphic design and professional consultancy experience continues to influence my independent and commercial photographic practice. What?s more, professional interest in editorial photography and design and copywriting has enhanced my photographic collaborations and working relationships with art directors, graphic designers, marketing consultants, architects, artists, academics, curators, journalists and filmmakers. I am currently working on commercial, artistic and socially engaged projects with clients in social, cultural, educational and health sectors. Increasing visibility and recognition of these organisations within the public and professional bodies and the media.

Since 2006 I have had opportunities to…

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