Digital Marketing Consultant Candidate Self Assessment Questionnaire

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Digital Marketing Consultant Candidate Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Evaluation is a key factor in personal growth of a trainer and consultant. Yet many trainers struggle with “being evaluated” and evaluation methods. As a trainer and consultant you will need to develop an Evaluation State of Mind, meaning you should review each action for the resulting outcome; and quantify the observed results against the desired results.

Take time to thoughtfully complete each question below with as much detail as you can. Each response should be to the point, contain statistical facts and results. Both your answers and evaluation will be reviewed. As a candidate for the Digital Marketing Consultant position, your value is determined by how well you communicate your thoughts and express them in writing.

Candidate Name: Brooke C. Furniss

Communication Skills

A. What was the most senior and/or challenging audience you have ever faced? What did you speak about? How did you prepare? What was the outcome? How did you know?
Response: I was asked to speak at a 20 Group in Wisconsin. Around 20-30 people were present: body shop owners and their managers, other presenters, and few key employees from the hosting company that asked me to present. I was recruited to speak about Estify and how our services have helped the body shop industry and made it a necessity in the collision world. I had spoken previously at other events but not in this capacity.

I prepped by first meeting with my…

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