Digital Divide Essay

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1. How do you assess the value of the information you find on the Internet? How can you be sure that it is reliable and credible?

There are many things you could do to assess information on the Internet. Having reliable information is extremely important when writing a paper or finding research because it is more credible and your know for sure you are passing along the correct information. One thing to look for is if the Internet site has an author and they are qualified for writing the information. You can do this by looking at their biography and looking for information about their education and experiences. It is important to check for a date and whether or not it is decently recent. If there is no date or it is really old, it may
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People from all over world are constantly replying to questions and concerns on that site. The author is definitely not credible. It is very rare that you find an author who has a biography or a way to discover their education and experiences. For most of the information given, there is not an author listed at all. They are usually made up or fake names. Most of the time, there are no sources to go along with the information they are giving you. If you do not know where the information came from, then it should never be used. This is extremely unreliable. There are always a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes throughout the site. That is not professional, nor is it credible. If you gravitate throughout the site, you will notice that there are even a lot of arguments that take place. Some people disagree with the information that other are giving. This should be a red flag right off the bat. A lot of the information is opinionated and biased as well. The publication of this information is not reliable either. You are not finding it out of a journal or other scholarly piece. In the end, is not a reliable source in the slightest bit. Nothing about the source is credible or reliable.

3. What does the term “digital divide” mean, and how do you think this divide could be bridged?

Digital divide basically means that there is a division of people in the world based on whether they

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