Digital Art Is A New Medium Of Art Essays

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Central Idea Statement/Thesis: Digital Art is a new medium of art that (1) widely varies in purpose, (2) has two major formats with many programs, (3) uses special equipment and devices, and (4) the process is approachable by just about anyone.
I. Imagine yourself as a kid on the computer, and you open up Microsoft Paint and make a bunch of circles and squares using the shape tool, and then colored them in with random colors using the paint bucket tool. You do this until you feel confident with your artwork and then do it again. Congratulations, you are a digital artist.
II. With everything in our world dominated by the digital age, art is also becoming part of this form of media and culture.
A. It is the most rapidly growing art medium
B. It has become a part of all media, which we consume in mass amounts on a daily basis.
C. Digital Artist are also evolving and challenging the very definition of art as they discover new ways to create art through digital means to express new ideas.
III. I am Jacy Rodgers. I have been a digital artist since days of when I was young. I would open up Microsoft Paint and try to draw cats while using a mouse.
A. Through years of frustration and discovery, I have learned and improved my own way to produce digital art and want to share what I have learned.
B. I am also a huge consumer of digital art, and have seen a vast number of different ways artist can express ideas. I see where digital art has affected other area of media.…

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