Digital Art Essay

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Introduction to artistic software
Digital art is an artistic work that artist uses different technology software to produce creative art. All digital art need a context that is defined by specific software and hardware. However, Digital art must be evaluated from its contents and aesthetical point of view, in order to be categorized as piece of art. Like traditional art products, digital art products also involved cleverness and originality, especially when the art filled with messaged challenging its viewers. For the longest time in human history, digital technology and art are to be categorized as two separate independence disciplines. However, that statement is no longer true at this day. Many IT and software companies had found their
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Without wasting time in waiting for the material arrival, artist can almost instantly put together their ideals on their computer. According to Mohamed (9) he stated that he discovered that digital technology have its own negative impact toward conventional art. In his article, he is disappointed with the fact that the advantages that given by digital technology might discourage people creativity thinking, worse yet will indirectly ceasing the imagination of artist 's psyche and ultimately destroying their "creative substance" because there will be a repetitive occur on using digital software and artist will get used to the programming of the software and will not want to try other software to produce different …show more content…
Digital art not only provide user with many other techniques that couldn 't be possible offered by traditional methods such as speed painting, custom brush creation, and matte painting. On the other hand, it also provide larger platform for the user to published their works. The ease of converting traditional artwork to digital had further encouraged traditional artists shifting their direction from conventional method to the usage of digital techniques. Hence, it is very hard to differentiate the line between traditional or digital art

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