Digital And Media Violence : The Effects Of Media And Digital Violence On Children And Teenagers

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Digital and Media violence: The effects of media and digital violence on children and teenagers Ever since the first television was invented in 1929 technology has come a long way to help people get distracted and distress themselves from their daily activities. However, because of the increase in technology there has also been an increase in violence in the media not just on the news, but in movies and social media as well. Even though television and the media has made it a long way it’s not the only thing becoming popular, ever since the first video game in 1950 the gaming industry has made many big bucks from children wanting to buy the latest best game they can afford. Now there is an infinity of activities that anybody can do to distract themselves, but if that means to risk one’s own mental health to have fun well that is something that one wouldn’t want to talk about or even think of the possibility of happening.
This is a controversial issue that many parents and many Non- parents debate about if media violence affects children or not. Many parents who may understand the issue or have experienced firsthand would agree. Media violence does cause children to become more aggressive and violent while others who are probably parents who have not gone through what other parents have or just people who don’t even have parents at all would disagree and say it’s a false claim media violence does not affect children even less with the idea of children becoming more violent…

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