Essay on Digital Advertising And Mobile Advertising

2238 Words Nov 7th, 2016 9 Pages
As the greatest production tool in the twenty-first century, computer technology has the non-substitute status in people 's life. With the expansion of the Internet, Advertising is also always developing and progressing. It is no longer limited to print publications, static billboards, radio, and television. Modern technology has opened a new era of digital advertising (Gomes, 2015). Both online advertising and mobile advertising are digital advertising (Chen et al., 2016). Digital advertising compared to traditional advertising, digital advertising is more general and flexible. It can tell the story of the brand through text, images, video and so on. It makes the brand culture more attractive. According to Gomes (2015), digital advertising has penetrated into every field of the media, including websites, social networks, smartphones, and even on the smart watch. GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) as a form of digital advertising, it was introduced by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe since 1987, because of its small size and relatively precise imaging, in particular for the slow early Internet, and since then greatly popular. Even though GIFs are old, their use is more widespread than ever (Litsa, 2016). GIFs not only cheaper than video but also better than images, so brands start using GIFs in their digital advertising. GIFs can tell a story of brand culture, and storytelling is a useful way of building a relationship between the audience and brands. This paper…

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