Digging Deeper Than The Textbooks Essay

922 Words Mar 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Digging deeper than the textbooks is something that should be done regarding any type of field during education. To clarify, the knowledge from books is extremely important and valuable, but firsthand experiences are a vital piece to the puzzle as well. They provide with opportunities of experience along with communication with individuals that are actual professionals in the field. For research and information regarding the topic of education, I interviewed a former teacher from my elementary days. Her name is Amber Snyder and the answers she provided were extremely insightful and helpful. She provided a great look at the profession as a whole, how she connects with students, and the current nature of the field. To begin, Mrs. Snyder provided answers that will helpful as I continue my journey with education. To provide a further background on her career and past in education she explained, “Well, I am currently teaching 6th grade Language Arts. I’ve taught various levels from 2nd to 7th and I just really enjoy 6th graders” (A. Snyder, personal communication, February 8, 2016). However, education is not the only work experience Mrs. Snyder has had. She explained, “Well, this happens to be my second career after being a business secretary for 8 years” (A. Snyder, personal communication, February 8, 2016). She has worked 22 years at Crestview High School and I have always been close with her. I was her student aide my senior year and helped her out with grading and other…

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