Essay on Digging Deeper Into The Hyundai Genesis

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Digging Deeper into the Hyundai Genesis “First Date” Advertising has majorly advanced through time. In the past, advertising was not as significant as it is today because they did not have the tools, ability, or the knowledge to expand advertisements. Past advertising did not include a story as it does today; they simply showed the product and told the viewers to buy it by using simple words and phrases, unlike today’s advertisements that use narrative techniques. The goal of advertising is to grab the viewer’s attention by emotion, logics, and ethics. As advertising has become more prominent in everyday life, researchers have thought of better ways to capture the viewer’s attention. Researchers have come up with complex systems and surveys to record the viewers every emotion. The Persuaders, a narrative film that enlightens viewers on the techniques used in advertising, provides information regarding persuasive techniques, celebrity endorsements, juxtaposition, and many other ways advertises capture consumers attention; these techniques are found in Hyundai’s “First Date” commercial. This commercial is advertising the Hyundai Genesis and putting emphasis on the built in car finder. Kevin Hart, a well-known comedian, plays an overprotective dad that tracks his daughter’s every move throughout her date. He shows up in the most amusing and unexpected places. Eventually, Kevin’s controlling actions leads the boyfriend to take the girl back home; mission accomplished for any…

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