Diffusion Lab Report Essay

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The importance of this computerized simulation study was to gain an understanding of the processes that account for the movement of substances across the plasma membrane, and to indicate the driving force for each. This may also be applied to the study of transport mechanisms in living membrane-bounded cells. Also, understanding of which way substances will move passively through a deferentially permeable membrane depending on the concentration differences. We used PhysioEx software to examine diffusion. In these experiments we used different sized membranes as well as NaCl, urea, glucose, albumin, powdered charcoal, and KCl. The step by step process was used by the software so that we could see the different kinds of
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The pore sizes of MWCO utilized in this experiment for the four members were 20, 50, 100 and 200. NaCl, Urea, Albumin, and Glucose were the solutes tested in this experiment. The membranes of 50,100, and 200 (MWCO) did allow the NaCl to pass through. All three membranes reached equilibrium in 10 minutes at an average diffusion rate of 0.0150mM/min. Albumin molecules diffused through any of the four membranes teste. NaCl molecules moved down its concentration gradient and into the beaker filled with deionized water thus resulted in diffusion. Urea showed no diffusion occurring with all four membranes. Glucose diffused through the 200 MWCO membranes only, it was too large to pass through the rest of the MWCO membranes.

Activity 2: Simulating Facilitated Diffusion
Facilitated Diffusion Results (glucose transport rate, mM/min) | Glucose concentration (mM) | No. of glucose carrier proteins | | 500 | 700 | 900 | 2.00 | 0.0008 | 0.0010 | 0.0012 | 8.00 | 0.0023 | 0.0031 | 0 .0038 |

In the Simulating Facilitated Diffusion experiment we explained how carrier protein molecules in the membrane effectively transported molecules that are too large or are insoluble to diffuse through the membrane. The carrier proteins in this experiment were

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