Differentiation Strategies Of Chefing

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“Chefing” is the first mover on the market, therefore it should take advantages from the lack of competition consolidate positions. For this reason company developed a competitive strategy that will help to keep a leadership. The most suitable for this purpose is mix of differentiation and focus strategy.
Differentiation strategy will help to create the uniqueness of the brand. There will be developed a unique, simple, eco-design for packages to show friendliness to the environment and develop brand awareness. For differentiation itself from competitors “Chefing” will achieve customer loyalty through promotion, loyalty programs, creating a sense of belonging to the community. By adding additional options (recipes, video, mobile app) to the
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Another means for differentiation will be creating the community, where users can share their recipes, tips and knowledge. The support for the community will be mobile app with customized search that will help users to find meals based on their tastes and preferences. Community can help tie customers to our service, give them a sense of belonging to a particular association.
Focus strategy will help the company to serve perfect its target audience. Company has four target group, that have clear division and different values, that are reaching the customers. Firms task is to completely full-fill need of every target group and deliver appropriate service for every customer segment. Focus strategy rests on the fact that “Chefing” serve narrow customer segment better than competitors.
The mix of the differentiation and focus strategy provide competitive advantages that are difficult to repeat, as well as, help to create the service that completely full-fill needs of small target groups.
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The company is a pioneer in the market of food delivery with recipes, this gives the company a strong preference, because there are no competitors. This helps to acquire superior brand recognition and customer loyalty. Also, it gives more time to perfect company service. “Chefing” has a unique idea, that is not reproduced in any city of Poland, also a unique design and environmental packaging offers additional advantages. Wide range of services allow serving perfectly for every target group and to meet their needs. Providing recipes from professional chefs helps consumers create a culinary masterpiece in their kitchens and gives confidence in their own abilities. Considering that “Chefing” focuses on the younger generation, the price corresponds income of students and young families. Moreover, community for sharing the recipes is positive factor, because users tied and feel membership in a community of like-minded. An important aspect also is possibility to share recipes, experiences, ask advice and get

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