Examples Of Formative Assessment

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1. How does Differentiation of instruction meet the needs of your students and help them reach their potential? Differentiation of instruction is when the teacher meets the students where they are and accepts them with their diverse strengths and weaknesses. It is important for the teacher to get to know each of his or her students because every student is different and they will need various things in order to succeed in his or her educational career. Differentiation is typically intermixed within the lesson plan or unit as needed for learners and is a more effective way to impart growth and comprehension for the students. The goal of differentiation is dependent upon what the learner 's goals are for lesson success and there is no …show more content…
Describe Formative assessments. Provide 2 examples of formative assessments and explain when you would use formative assessment in a lesson.

Formative assessment is used throughout instruction to monitor and give feedback on the progress of the student 's learning of the content. These assessments are very important for a teacher in shaping and planning the lesson plans throughout a unit and helping the students to know where they are in relation to his or her learning goals. Teachers should use the results of the formative assessment to guide instructional decisions and help them to find out where the students are on their path to mastery of materials. Two examples of formative assessment would include informal and formal assessing; formal includes quizzes, activity sheets, homework or exit tickets, while informal assessment includes question and answer discussions, games, teacher observations of facial expressions, or think-pair-share activities. These assessments should be given throughout the lesson plan to gauge mastery as well as near the completions of a lesson to prepare for summative assessments.

3. Do you recall your emotional safety being jeopardized by something a teacher may have said or done? Write about the memory. How will you emphasize emotional security in your
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High at the time and Mr. Tubin was my algebra teacher. My class was full of males and only a few females at this time. Mr. Tubin had a cool moustache and was a fun teacher. In fact, to this day he is still one of my favorite teachers and one of the most influential in my decision to become a teacher. I cannot remember what I did, but it apparently required punishment and my punishment would be for me to sit and eat lunch by myself for a total of one week. This was absolutely torture for my social, emotional, and physical development. Imagine a teen required to be separated from her friends during lunch, having to sit at a table by herself, no one was allowed to talk to me, but they certainly could make fun of me and tease me about my situation. After two days of this, my friends were all being mean and somehow I was no longer in with the cool girls because of this situation. Well, if you know me at all, you know that I am not one to just sit back and let people say or do what they want to me without retribution. I started acting up and getting in fights with these friends in the school (remember this is just after 2 days of eating my punishment by myself). Mr. Tubin had been watching the situation and after my math class the second day he held me back to talk about what was going on and why I was so angry. I told him it was entirely his fault for making me sit by myself (typical middle grade response ~ it is not MY fault). He

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