Essay on Different Worldviews Of Research Design

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Creswell (2014) discussed four different worldviews that pertain to research design, all of which impact several aspects of the research process in varying ways. According to Creswell (2014), the assumptions made by the postpositivist worldview are applicable in quantitative research more so than qualitative. Postpositivists are deterministic, reductionists, concerned with determining which causes have an influence on particular outcomes. Postpositivists start by selecting a theory that they believe governs the world. Data is then collected using careful measurements and observations. This data either supports or negates a given theory, and revisions are made to the theory accordingly. Postpositivists assume all knowledge is fallible; therefore, once the theory is revised further testing is conducted. On the contrary, the constructivist worldview is frequently utilized in qualitative research. Constructivists aim to create broad research questions to study the way individuals view the world. Individuals with this worldview believe people develop meanings associated with various things in their world. These meanings not only develop through the interaction with others, but also through the social and cultural norms that surround them. Instead of basing their research off of a theory that is already established, as seen in the postpositivist worldview, constructivists aim to form a theory based off of information gathered from studying the multiple meanings developed by the…

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