Essay on Different Vulnerability : Imam Subkhan

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The Commensurability of Different Vulnerability
Imam Subkhan

One of the chief argument from The Pastoral Clinic is that an ethic of care among the heroin addicts in Española Valley are possible emerge from a common and shared vulnerability. Garcia argues that the common experience of vulnerability of addicts in everyday life is the principle of commensurability in which become basis for an ethic of care such as in the form of watchfulness. She claims that ‘watchfulness’ is able “to offset forms of alienation that accompany addiction” and eventually opens up “the possibility of being together” which Garcia called “the very heart of social commensurability” (182).

At this point I would like to raise some reflections: how social commensurability in the form of vulnerability become foundation of human caring? In other words, what is it in the experience of vulnerability that might lead addicts to treat one another? Garcia has attempted to explain her own vulnerability experience with Peter during her first graveyard shift in darkness due to an electric power outage. She said “that night represents to me the tremendously difficult process of commensurability” (68). What does actually make Garcia being vulnerable at the graveyard shift moment? It is certainly not an addictive vulnerability as Peter experienced. However, she admits that what emerged between her and peter was a common vulnerability. How different experiences of subjective vulnerability have commensurability…

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