Different Types Of Ways Or Methods Which They Guys Have Established For Monitoring And Reviewing The Quality Of Customers

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2.1 There are different types of ways or methods which they guys have established for monitoring and reviewing the quality of customers transactions, products and services against the required customer service standards. Those are as follows:
• Feedback by the customers.
• Feedback by supplier and stakeholders
• Survey in different age groups
• Comparing numbers of sales annually by competitors
• Checking of products time to time

The warehouse extra always tries to do best to satisfy their customers. They use best system to make profit. They hire the staff after proper interview and looking after proper skills. They also provide skills to their employees if needed. People can also do online shopping from the company’s website. This reduces their problem of going to store. They also have customer service offices at the entry of organisation which helps customers if they are uncomfortable with the product or if they are in any problem. They also choose low price strategy against their competitors.


Actually the warehouse extra takes the customer satisfaction very seriously. Their main aim is not the get more profit but to make more and more customers. They guys only do this by giving best customer service. They are having great staff with good communication skills. They hire employees from different communities so that no one faces any problem regarding the communication. They also provide customer service offices near to the entry of…

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