Different Types Of Tones Throughout The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In this musical it is safe to say that there are many types of tones throughout the show. For example, two types of tones we discussed in class were formal and informal. Although, many might suggest that these two types were the central part of this musical, I slightly disagree. To me and I’m sure many others, the students created this very playful environment while they were acting and singing. In this case the most important or strongest type of tone in this musical would be playfulness.
The students showed this tone through their manners as they were acting, which was not in the script originally. Such as, there was a character acting as a UPS man making a delivery to one of the main female characters, and instead of just handing it to her he turned around and had his butt near her hips in a very seductive manner. Everyone knew that it was just being extra playful in the play so everyone of course laughed, and realized it was all in good fun. Throughout the play there were many more of those moments which solidifies my opinion as to why this would be the main theme.
Another element that was made very clear in this poem, was character. The main character was largely a protagonist. A large portion of the play was about a breakup, entering Harvard University and finding new love again. But just through the view of her eyes, and experiences. As the poem goes on the audience feels as though each of her decisions she made herself and not because of her ex- boyfriend. Which…

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