Essay on Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper This paper is going to discuss the different types of leadership styles. The focus of this paper is to discuss the results of the two different self-assessments that were assigned during this class. There are several different types of leadership styles and how to perform as a manager is reflective to the staff in regards to the type of leader that is managing staff. With the upcoming changes to how hospital care does business for folks, the need to seriously consider how staff are managed and system change is made is key. The result of the self-assessments will be discussed throughout this paper. The effectiveness and work satisfaction of employees may be a direct result of the leadership type of the manager.
Leadership Style Assessment Results The first self-assessment that was taken was the Leadership Style Assessment Results. Within this assessment what was shown was a number within several categories. I will discuss the different types of the leadership style assessments and the score that was obtained from taking this online leadership style assessment.
Ambassador type of leadership is a person that is called into diffuse difficult discussions. The score for this category was 23 out of 25. This type of leadership style is a situation that I encounter on certain occasions. There was a situation where within an agency that was implementing a new program, one of the managers involved wanted to have the control of the…

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