Essay on Different Types Of Leadership And Leadership

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In ones life, people experience many different types of leadership. There can be good ones that inspire us to our own successes. There can also be negative leaders that aren’t really leaders at all. Although there are many different types of leadership, people are always going to perceive them differently. Personally in my life I have experienced many different types of leadership and bosses. A good leadership experience I’ve had took place when I worked at a local golf course restaurant. My boss was a great leader and always made me feel welcome at the job. Attributes that made him a good leader were that he never made me, or any of the other employees seem below him. We were all equals on the job and all the employees got along and worked together as a strong team. There was never any arguing between the front of the house or the back of the house. My boss, Brandon, would always step in and help out when there was lots of work to get done to help make things go quicker. He always organized things and peoples work details for the day were very clear. Strong leadership in the restaurant industry is very important to running a successful restaurant. My boss did a very good job in demonstrating to us strong qualities of leadership that help keep things running smoothly. What made my boss a good leader was that everyone looked up to him for advice and guidance but we never felt looked down upon by him when asking for help or instruction. Having good leadership…

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